Player Profile: Andrew Ladd


August is dragging on, and the most prevalent NHL news is all about the pending work stoppage. To keep the news flowing here at The Forks, we’re going to be taking a look at the Jets who will be lacing up this coming season – whenever it starts.

Where better to start than with the Jets’ Captain, Andrew Ladd?  Check back in the coming days and weeks as player profiles continue. We’ll be looking at where your favourite players came from, and how they fit in with the Winnipeg Jets organization.

Player Profile: Andrew Ladd

Andrew Ladd might not be the most skilled captain in the NHL, but what he lacks in raw scoring ability he makes up for in leadership and work ethic. Ladd’s the kind of guy who brings his lunch pail to the rink every day and works as hard as any player in the league. That’s why he was named the Jets’ captain, and that’s why Jets’ fans love him.

At only 26 years of age, the Maple Ridge, BC native is already a two-time Stanley Cup champion, winning as a rookie with the Caroline Hurricanes in ’05-’06 and again with the Chicago Blackhawks in ’09-’10. Ladd brings a culture of winning to a young team that has plenty to learn about work ethic. The Jets are far from being Cup contenders, but when they make the playoffs, Ladd will have everyone ready to make a serious impact.

Ladd’s most valuable attribute is his versatility. When surrounded by firepower he can slide seamlessly into a top-6 role, or he can lead a third-line as he did in Chicago’s Cup run. He averages nearly 20-minutes per night and plays the penalty kill as hard as the power play.

Drafted fourth overall in 2004, Ladd now has four years left on the 5-year $22M contract he signed to stay with the Jets’ organization. It’s an economical cap hit and signing on long-term is something that Jets’ fans love to see – especially a hardnosed forward who’s just as likely to land a big hit as he is to score a goal. Whether it’s hockey season or the dog days of summer, it’s impossible to walk around the Peg without seeing someone wearing Ladd’s number 16. His commitment to the city of Winnipeg, along with his commitment to winning, makes Andrew Ladd a perfect captain.

You can follow Ladd on Twitter: @aladd16

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