No “Merry Jetsmas” This Year


This time last year as a Winnipeg Jets fan we’d already had the best Christmas present ever – the return of the Winnipeg Jets. Unlike the Merry Jetsmas from last year, this time around there isn’t nearly as much of a reason to celebrate.

There was the Burmistrov incident at the River Heights Community Centre rink. Chris Mason getting is sweet killer new pads – which sadly saw only a handful of games. And of course the impressive results of the Jets home stand last December.

This year there’s a stark contrast to the feverish high us Jets fans were riding. Instead we have the absence of NHL hockey. In fact, there’s an absence of even talking about the NHL as the PA and League have no plans to talk. There’s of course another Evander Kane incident. And that just makes us want to drink even more!

During this time of year, the lack of hockey to occupy our time can be seen as a blessing in disguise.

“Time is the most valuable commodity in our lives…and there is less of it remaining every day” said reader Howard Stewart through an email.

“I am finding the time spent on hockey viewing to be more than I thought it was. Would I spend hours and hours watching TV reality shows every week…not likely…but watching three games a week makes perfect sense. That’s nine hours minimum…some weeks 12 hours…that’s plain silly. And let’s not kid ourselves the hockey wasn’t that good.”

“What I am doing with the extra time is to pursue my hobby of playing music…that’s something I find personally fulfilling. I’m also spending time with family and friends…also something I tend to enjoy.”

Howard has it right. I’ve never thought about the amount of time I sat watching hockey. Will I watch when it returns? Of course I will, because I’m still watching it.

Just last week I saw a 15-year old goalie named Jake Morrissey get called of the bench in a WHL game. Now that’s the kind of hockey I’m talking about!

And of course you can’t forget that the World Juniors start in just two more sleeps where we’ll see Jets prospect Mark Scheifele lace up the skates shifted over on the right-wing for Team Canada.

Jacob Trouba, the Winnipeg Jets first pick in the 2011-12 Entry Draft will also suit up for Team USA.

Not to mention all the other great talent that will be hitting the ice, there’s no doubt the hockey we’ll get to witness will be awesome. And it will be even better if we can lock up a gold medal – though I am predicting a bronze. Mainly because I tend to be wrong, and setting lower expectations leads to less chance of disappointment.

That’s a long way around back to the original question. I guess I should have stated “will I be back watching NHL hockey?”

Sadly, yes. As a Canadian and Winnipeg born fan, I will be back.

Now the only thing I want for Christmas is my hockey back.

What about you?