Twenty Prospects You Need To Know


Winnipeg, Manitoba – The NHL trade deadline is behind us now and the Winnipeg Jets sat idle as most people expected them to be after trading Andrew Ladd to the Chicago Blackhawks, so what is there to look forward to for Jets Nation with no playoffs in the spring. Well the Winnipeg Jets have a very bright future ahead of them and starting today we are going to take a look at the top 2o Winnipeg Jets Prospects.

Today at Hockey At The Forks we are going to start taking an in depth look at what players are in the pipeline for the Winnipeg Jets and for the fan base, today we taking a look at Jack Glover who is working on his skills at the University of Minnesota.

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Jack Glover was born and raised in Minnesota so hockey is in his blood, Glover is only 19 but stands at 6’3 but only 190 pounds and is a defensemen who was drafted by the Winnipeg Jets in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft in round 3 #69 overall. Glover has put on weight since he was drafted by the Jets as an 18 year old he was 172 pounds but after two years at the University of Minnesota has put on a good 18 pounds of muscle but to be physical in the NHL he will have to put on at least 10 more pounds of muscle.

Glover plays a very impressive game and has been doing so since he was playing high school hockey for St. Margaret’s in Minnesota and winning state championships, Glover has also put an impressive resume together in that time as well while in High School Glover was selected by the USA under 16 to attend the 2012 Youth Winter Games in Austria where he played 6 games and got a goal and an assist.

Glover has a great hockey sense and great hockey IQ as well, Glover can play well in all three areas of the ice Glover’s transition game is one of the best in the NCAA and is able to use his size to help separate the player from the puck and is great at clearing the crease with his heads up style of play. Glover is not afraid to mix it up a little as well, Glover is very aware of his job in the offensive zone as well.

One of Glover’s only downside and its a big one is he is unable to defend well on a one on one rush into his defensive zone, Glover will sometimes look lost and can be beat easily on a one on one by a slick moving forward. Glover has another skill that needs to be worked on and that is his skating ability, Glover is not one of the greatest skaters his north/south skating is good but his east/west skating needs work which can be worked on during his time in the NCAA and Glover will likely see time on the Manitoba Moose before the Jets finally play him so there is time.

Glover will likely spend his entire five years at the University of Minnesota where he will have the time to work on his skating skills have the chance to put on the extra weight in the gym and better master the skills needed to make the National Hockey League and be that third pairing on the Jets defensive depth chart, if things go well for Glover in the NCAA he may even become a part of the second pairing but that can be a long shot.

Jack Glover gets an overall rating of a C, from myself as he stands right now, it is up to Glover to put in the extra work while he has the time to raise his stock in the Jets future depth chart to get his overall rating up Glover will get another sniff at the NHL at next years development camp and Prospects Tournament.