A Definitive Ranking of All the Winnipeg Jets Jerseys, Finally

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Winnipeg Jets

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA – OCTOBER 22: Dave Ellett #2 and Teemu Selanne #13 of the Winnipeg Jets alumni skate off the ice after action against the Edmonton Oilers alumni during the 2016 Tim Hortons NHL Heritage Classic alumni hockey game on October 22, 2016 at Investors Group Field in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. (Photo by Jason Halstead /Getty Images)

I know what I love as a consumer. I’m an avid reader of sports blogs, too, I don’t just help run one.  And I wanted to see what someone felt was a definitive ranking of the jerseys of the Winnipeg Jets franchise. So I made one.

This came to my attention, since, watching the game the other day, I took note of the Winnipeg Jets new aviator jersey.

For those of you who may have forgotten my post, I’ll keep my judgment to myself until we get there. Out of fairness, you know.

I feel obligated to tell you what you’re about to encounter. I’m usually not with the majority on these things. I love the Miami Marlins uniform, and the current Arizona Diamondbacks. It’s an eclectic mix for your boy, and I hope that helps.

But I know that the WHA and early NHL Jets had about six different jerseys, but I’ll stick to logos when it comes to things like that.

This isn’t a very long list, of course. And, while I have no problem using the old Winnipeg Jets jersey (wouldn’t be much of a list if I didn’t), I’ll refrain from including Coyotes or Atlanta Thrasher sweaters.

And hey, you gotta start somewhere. Just because there’s only a few Winnipeg Jets jersey styles doesn’t mean you don’t get to know how to rank them. Let’s start at the back end and work in.

It’s a top 9. What can you do, they only had so many jerseys?

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