NHL Reverse Retro Tiers: Winnipeg Jets, Canucks Among Improved Renditions

Vancouver Canucks, Nils Hoglander (36) and Adam Gaudette (96). (Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images)
Vancouver Canucks, Nils Hoglander (36) and Adam Gaudette (96). (Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images) /
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Winnipeg Jets
Frank Bathe #5, Philadelphia Flyers. (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images) /

Tier Four: Could be Better

Montreal Canadiens

Something just doesn’t seem right about the combination of the existing blue with the powder blue. It seems to stray from the retro piece and just creates a whole new concept.

It may look better on the ice, but the vision on this one seems a bit off.

Chicago Blackhawks


The biggest indictment is really just that it’s too simple. Boring, even.

It certainly has a retro feel and fits more into the brand of the “classic Hawks” look. It’s also nice to see a Chicago jersey without the long-serving logo. Changes the feel of things a bit, regardless of how boring it is.

Dallas Stars

Speaking of boring, the Stars’ addition is really underwhelming. It throws it back to their early years, but there are definitely more exciting options.

It’s somewhat disappointing that the “Taurus” jerseys (that also happen to look like something else) haven’t made a comeback.

New Jersey Devils


There’s something inherently wrong in seeing the Devils wear anything other than black, red, and maybe green. Tapping into their Colorado Rockies history, they resemble the Avalanche’s jersey contribution.

It could work, but it doesn’t feel like their history is known quite enough to get the reference right away.

Ottawa Senators

Ottawa recently brought back the 2D senator as their logo, and all was right in the world. Their Reverse Retro, however, is beyond boring and barely changes their home jersey.

Aside from the font and some extra red stripes, very little separates this from their home jersey.

Nashville Predators

The lack of silver shoulders really hurts the design. Committing to the 2001, mustard yellow triangle design, it makes it a bit hard to look at.

The tiny “Nashville” just seems weird, even though it was a part of the original jerseys.

Philadelphia Flyers (Elite with Cooperalls)

The Flyers’ Reverse Retro is another less-than-exciting addition to the league’s jersey rotation. Most Flyers rebrands are somewhat similar, so there’s not much to work with.

That said, bringing back the Cooperalls (long hockey pants) for warmups on Reverse Retro games is a top-tier decision.