Despite loss, upcoming road trip full of opportunity for Winnipeg Jets

Winnipeg Jets, Rick Bowness (Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images)
Winnipeg Jets, Rick Bowness (Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images) /

Despite their frustrating loss to the Montreal Canadiens to open their road trip, the Winnipeg Jets have a lot to look fondly on from the past several weeks. Now, this trip can help bolster that feeling of pride as the Jets look to create some momentum as they head toward the All-Star break.

Losing 4-1 to the Canadiens on January 17th, it’s hard to look past the negatives of that game. That being said, the Jets of 2022-23 seem to do a good job of forgetting their low points. Now, with four games remaining on their trip away from home, their ability to move on will be tested. The Winnipeg Jets are a good team; this road trip can only solidify that.

As they head into Toronto, Ottawa, Philadelphia, and Nashville, the Jets have more than ample opportunity to recover from their shortcomings against the Canadiens.

The Winnipeg Jets are a good team, and this road trip can only solidify that

The Jets meet the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight in what will undoubtedly be an exciting battle between two very talented teams. For the Jets, it will be a test of their will as they look to shake off the disappointment of their loss to the Canadiens.

Through 45 games, the Jets remain tied for the top spot in both the Central Division and the Western Conference. By all means, they’ve already asserted themselves as a playoff team. Their 29-15-1 record sits tied with the Maple Leafs for fifth in the NHL, which means one team will shift in front of the other after they meet.

While a near “best-on-best” game is tailor-made to be talked about, and we already know that this game will get a great deal of national attention, there’s more to look at. Following their game in Toronto, the Jets head to Ottawa to face off with the very inconsistent Senators.

Full disclosure, this article was meant to be written about how the Winnipeg Jets need to take advantage of teams who sit below them in the standings. Following their dreadful loss to the Canadiens, it’s time to look ahead at what remains in front of the Jets.

The point remains, to rack up the points, you have to beat teams behind you. Much like the game against the Canadiens, the upcoming matchup with the Senators is a situation where the Jets should look to outplay an inconsistent opponent.

It’s the same scenario when they roll into Philadelphia to play the Flyers. It’s not a matter of assuming that they’ll win, but instead the knowledge that the Jets are a great hockey team, and they’re good enough to beat anyone.

If the Jets take care of business in the games where they’re favored, that’s what boosts your points and that’s what gets you closer to capturing first place. Then, you turn your attention to the teams you’re trying to beat to the top. Good teams can beat worse teams, great teams can beat anyone.

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The Jets have an opportunity to return home a nice handful of points, and even with their loss to the Canadiens, are primed to play a bunch of really entertaining games down the stretch.