A look at Adam Lowry’s bid for captain of the Winnipeg Jets

Winnipeg Jets, Adam Lowry (Mandatory Credit: Lucas Peltier-USA TODAY Sports)
Winnipeg Jets, Adam Lowry (Mandatory Credit: Lucas Peltier-USA TODAY Sports) /

O’Captain, My Captain. The Winnipeg Jets are struggling – so to distract from the malaise, let’s examine a non-pressing issue. Who should be the next captain of the Jets?

Ask any Winnipeg Jets fan, and two names come to mind – Josh Morrissey and Adam Lowry. Morrissey’s exploits have been well chronicled, but very little ink is spilled on Winnipeg’s long-time 3rd-line center.

Let’s get the basics out of the way. Lowry once again leads all Jets forwards in hits (137), blocked shots (37) and fights (5). He is the quintessential team-first power forward. Need someone to defend a teammate? Lowry’s your guy. Need a key Faceoff win, or a shutdown center? Lowry gets the tap. Intangibles, thy name is Adam Lowry.

Adam Lowry would make a fine captain of the Winnipeg Jets

Lowry’s goal-scoring has withered somewhat, but how does he compare to some of the better 3rd-line centers in the league this year? This inconclusive list includes Coyle (BOS), Paul (TB), Cizikas (NYI), Backlund (CAL), Eller (COL) and Gourde (SEA).

We can see (again, statistically anyway) that he bests the likes of Coyle, Eller, Paul, and Cizikas – while Backlund and Gourde are having superior (and excellent) seasons. While the offensive side of his game has been lacking, his defensive prowess is still prevalent. He is not the dynamo he was in 2017-2018 but remains an effective tertiary centreman.

The Winnipeg Jets currently have the league’s 3rd best penalty kill, and Adam Lowry is a huge part of that. Outside of Hellebuyck, he is the Jets’ best penalty killer and is a constant disruption to an opponent’s powerplay. That alone makes him invaluable to the club.

But are his contributions – intangible and otherwise, worthy of a captaincy? Well, what are the key components of being the captain of an NHL team? Typically you need some combination of production/skill, humility, malleability, effort, and gravitas. Former captain Blake Wheeler lacked (at times) true humility and malleability, but Lowry checks all these boxes (production/skill being the outlier).

It appears though that (albeit a small sample size), Morrissey is the clear favorite:

And rightfully so. Morrissey possesses all the traits of a good captain and has the production/skill to boot. Both Morrissey and Lowry are under contract with the Jets “long-term”, and both should hopefully retire as Winnipeg Jets.

With all due respect to “Captain Chaos”, Adam Lowry would make a fine captain. Morrissey should, and will more than likely don the “C”, but it is important to recognize the contributions of the Winnipeg Jet’s equivalent of the Swiss Army Knife.