Are the Winnipeg Jets back? Extinguishing flames is the key

Winnipeg Jets (Mandatory Credit: Terrence Lee-USA TODAY Sports)
Winnipeg Jets (Mandatory Credit: Terrence Lee-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Winnipeg Jets game against the Detroit Red Wings is what I would call a “sin-eater”. It represented a great opportunity to power up and hit the reset button on the proverbial game console.

With due respect, the Red Wings are Connor Bedard fodder, so Sunday’s game against the Devils was more indicative of the state of this team. Ehlers started the scoring from a brilliant feed from Wheeler. The Jets have squandered the first goal so often recently that it seemed like spotting opponents a 1-0 lead had become table stakes.

Morgan Barron’s penalty shot goal was a cumulation of hard work and the opposite of just desserts. He has been one of the best Jets for weeks, and it was gratification personified. At the end of the day, the Jets’ season will rest with their upcoming game against Calgary, but this was an excellent effort.

The Winnipeg Jets are building momentum when they need it most

Connor scored, Ehlers scored twice, and PLD was involved heavily. Has a page turned, and we’ve entered a forge into playoff relevance? Who knows. The biggest thing was that Hellebuyck played well – as he hasn’t recently:

The truth is that while the Jets have scored like their first 30 games selves, consistency has been an issue, and turmoil can resurface on a whim. Hellebuyck having a 1.8  Goals Saved Above Expected and the powerplay scoring (hmmm, Ehlers) is incredible- but the jury is out.

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55 is still not off the snide, and the Jets were out-chanced in this one, but a bunch of good signs exists. Two wins on the weekend are great, yet momentum equals mass times velocity. The Jets have the velocity lately, but their ‘mass’ is still to be determined. Let’s hope the equation gets actualized.