Winnipeg Jets Unveil 2022-23 Reverse Retro Jersey

Winnipeg Jets, Nikolai Khabibulin (35), Dave Manson (4). (Photo by Graig Abel/Getty Images)
Winnipeg Jets, Nikolai Khabibulin (35), Dave Manson (4). (Photo by Graig Abel/Getty Images) /

The Winnipeg Jets have unveiled their 2022-23 redesigned Reverse Retro jersey after stepping away from them for a season.

After ditching the Reverse Retro jerseys for a year, the NHL is bringing them back for the 2022-2023 season. Despite many jerseys receiving poor feedback, the league is giving them another chance to fit into the rotation for each team.

The Adidas-branded Reverse Retros were initially designed as a way for teams to get in touch with their organizational history while also giving their historical looks a “rebrand”.

The Winnipeg Jets have revealed their 2022-23 redesigned Reverse Retro jersey

The Reverse Retro jerseys were very hit-or-miss with fans, with many being praised for their appearance. On the opposite side of the spectrum, some teams were raked over the coals by their fanbase because of their strong dislike of the jerseys.

Inspired by their 1990s look, the Jets return to the simplified jersey that connects them to names such as Teemu Selanne, Keith Tkachuk, and Teppo Numminen. Many Jets fans find themselves connected to the early-to-mid 90s teams as they had to watch their team depart after the 1996 season. This jersey could be a way to connect themselves back to the fond memories of the original Winnipeg Jets’ final years.

While the overall design resembles the 90s Jets, the colors are similar to the aviator jerseys that the Jets have worn over the past few seasons.

The Winnipeg Jets are moving away from their previous design, which featured grey as the primary color. After receiving mixed feedback on their previous edition, the Jets will look to capture their fans with a new, nostalgic design.

The 2020 release of the original Reverse Retro was met with confusion, as it seemed to be lacking the true “throwback” element aside from the logo. The release video can be seen below in a tweet from November 16, 2020.

While it isn’t known yet, the Jets will likely feature these jerseys several times this season. They enter the jersey rotation with the normal home/aways and heritage blues and should appear fairly regularly.

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