NHL Reverse Retro Tiers: Winnipeg Jets, Canucks Among Improved Renditions

Vancouver Canucks, Nils Hoglander (36) and Adam Gaudette (96). (Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images)
Vancouver Canucks, Nils Hoglander (36) and Adam Gaudette (96). (Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images) /
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Winnipeg Jets
Tyler Myers #57, Vancouver Canucks; Josh Morrissey #44, Winnipeg Jets. (Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images) /

The NHL has announced the return of the Adidas Reverse Retro jerseys

The NHL announced the return of the Adidas Reverse Retro jerseys and many of them have improved on their 2020 renditions. The Winnipeg Jets and Vancouver Canucks were among the improvements, while the Flames and Blue Jackets took a step back visually.

There are several that either remained in the “bad” category or were downgraded from good to bad. Fans appear split on the jerseys, as the subjective discussion of what fans prefer complicates the reviewing of jerseys.

Below I have categorized the 32 reverse retro jerseys into five tiers which go from “The Best of the Best to “Could be MUCH Better.”

Tier One: The Best of the Best

Florida Panthers

The Florida Panthers centered their Reverse Retro around their long-time shoulder patch, which is a phenomenal logo.

The powder blue jersey works well to compliment the other aspects of the design, while also not overcomplicating it. Overall, one of the most visually appealing designs of the roll-out.

Colorado Avalanche

The Avalanche have used elements of their state flag for many seasons, but have never committed to using the state colors.

This changes in their 2022 Reverse Retro, diving fully into the red, yellow, and blue that makes the Colorado state flag one of the more visually appealing. It’s not complicated, and using a white jersey really makes the bright colors pop.

Los Angeles Kings

The Kings’ purple color scheme should strongly be considered for a full-time role in their jersey rotation. Their 2020 Reverse Retro was a solid purple, so introducing a white jersey with purple elements really displays their rich jersey history.

They were among the best in 2020, and remain the best in 2022. Now that’s some consistency.

Vancouver Canucks

The Vancouver Canucks’ new Reverse Retro brings ‘Johnny Canuck’ back into the fold. Ditching last season’s gradient look, the Canucks return to a classic logo that should be used more often.

The jersey is simple, clean, and seems to live up to the “retro” piece of the assignment.

Minnesota Wild

The assessment of these is simple: The Minnesota North Stars color scheme is gorgeous and making a jersey with it is an immediate win.

Their 2020 rendition is a white version, so this seemed like the obvious choice.